Who I am


Hi guyz, This is Abir. A for Angry, B for Bachelor, I for Identical and R for Receptacle. I’m always trying to do something exceptional but I can’t, because when I did, its already exceptional. Wise always say, “Nobody is perfect”. In that case I’m nobody that means I’m Perfect ?

I can’t think of my life without my parents & family [Don’t understood, family dose not mean my children, wife…, I’m still unmarried, & there’s no especial ONE in my life yet]. Also my friends have a great importance in my life. I love all of them (family & friends), But I’m very poor, because I can’t expressing my love to them. As I want… ?

I believe in friendship and love. I’m very friendly, open minded and easy going. I love to enjoy my life to the fullest and I love to make friends. because friends are the key of fun, enjoy etc.

Hmm Computer! it has become a part of my everyday life. I spend a lot time behind it, also spend a good time behind my Online Friends. I don’t chat a lot, but do with some special net friends sometimes. I e-mail my friends. I also like to browse different websites, basically I like to find out new software, tutorial, graphics etc. because I’m also a little web designer & programmer.

I’m doing a job in M/S. SBS International Business Limited as an Admin Officer.

RCS- Revolution Computer System (www.rcsbd.info) is our small computer farm. My elder brother dreamt for this while he was doing his graduation. RCS is continuing its work in its own way. Although still this is a local farm but I wish one day it will be a star in the sky of IT.

If you love my works then you can contact me in person; you can mail me at mail@abirkhan.cu.cc or ahadhossain@hotmail.com and also if want you can call me at +880-1678-AHKHAN (245426). I hope this site will give you a better idea of who, what and how I am.