BooksAll type of book I love to read but mainly Humayun Ahmed’s Himu, Misir Ali, Naboni, Mrenmoye etc. Muhammad Jafar Iqbal’s all science fictions Book. Also love to read others author book, like Imdadul Haque Milon, Shunil Gaungo Paddhay, Shirshindhu Mukha Padhay etc
MusicI love to listen music but not always. Its mainly depends on mood. Soft ones especially I like. Any song I hear if that sounds good to me, no matter if that is modern pop song or traditional folk song.
ColorsDifferent shades of Black, Gray, Sometimes Sky Blue…, actually, everything has its own color… so, right color at right place is what I like
FoodsI love to eat all type of food but specially like khichuri, Beef Vuna, Elish, Rui, Chingri Vuna, Alu Vaji/Bhorta, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Rosh Malai, Burger, Pizza, Shamucha, Jhal Murri, Fuchka… &…&… want to listen more? I think it better that I stop here.
SeasonsI’m not sure about that because all season have a different touch, all are individual. But especially I like rain very much; on rain time I want out & dump in rain water. I also like the Spring, because When its came it’s bring a lot of color with him. And decorate nature with color, birds are singing everywhere. Also like the Summer not ’cause of the warm weather but ’cause of the bangla new year festival.
PersonsIts very tough question. All my family members are my favorite, all my friends too. If you ask me to tell about some very special persons, then from my family I’ll choose my mother & father who always beside me, my BIG-B Sajib too. And from my friends, I’ll choose Jitu, Jony & Bappy…
Work to doI love to do many thing but especially seat with compute & make project or browse net. Also love too sleeeeeeeeeep… zZzzZzZZz…
PlaceI’ve many favorite places. HOME is one of them. I love to live in our home, I can’t live without it. It’s very especial to me. Others are sea bech, forest, hill…
Video GamesSecond Sight, Made Man, Th3 Plan, GTA Vice City, Gun…
MoviesHotath Brishti, Dui Duari, Bachelor, Made In Bangladesh

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaengye, Dil To Pagal Hai, Mohabbatein, Rahena Hain Tere Dil Main, Om Shanti Om

Desperados, Zoro, Pirates of the Caribbean, Saw, House Of Wax

Shaoulin Soccer, Kung Fu Hassil, Arahan

TV ShowsEttadi, Tretio Matra

4(Four Friends), Love Story, Left Right Left, Dil Mil Geya

QuoteLove is friendship set on fire.

Love will die if u takes it tightly; love will fly if u takes it lightly.

Life need three things 1) Book, 2) Book and 3) Book