My Family
My Family

My Family

I am a very friendly person having a very intimate family. I live with my parents and brothers. Here is a summary of my family. I don’t know what to write about them.

My father name is Md. Maher Hossain Khan. He is a business man. Many often he changes his business. He started his business with steamer ships. From there he shifted his business to Residential Hotel. He was the General Manager of a renowned Hotel. Then he decided to shift to Transport Business. There he stayed for a long time. But again he shifted to sales business. At present we are maintaining good living standard but it is not like the past. Even then I’m happy with what we have and what we are.

My mother’s name is Mrs. Morzina Khanom. She is a house wife. She is very passionate and loving towards us. Sometimes I feel astonished how she could manage pressures of all the family members.

Our Family’s First son & my elder brother Md. Ramzan Hossain Khan. He doing masters in ‘Political Science’ at DHAKA UNIVERSITY. Beside that he also doing a job in GRAMEEN PHONE company as Officer in Business Support. He is very friendly, he always help me & suggest me how I improve my studies & work. When I’m undone to do a work, he help me & make my work success.

Next is my second brother Md. Noor Hossian Khan. He does nothing but only sleeps and loves to read any kind of book. He has a huge collection of books.

My third Brother Md. Rahman Hossain Khan is the next. He is student of Deegree in the Habibullah Bahar College. He is jolly and has a lots of friends.

And last but not the list, you know who? Yes! it’s me Md. Ahad Hossain Khan 🙂